Teamwork makes the dream work… cliché, but true.

By Kylie Fanning – Senior Recruiter at Grafton Staffing

Teamwork makes the dream work.As much as we like to play hero and accomplish things individually, we all run into situations and careers that don’t always allow that to happen. It’s a good thing because anyone can use help no matter what the situation is.

In the staffing industry, teamwork is huge, for a few different reasons.

Not every recruiter is a master at every skillset their clients require. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of getting the job done…  they can still provide their clients with the assets they need to succeed. Teamwork becomes vital at this point due to the nature of the business and how it works. Most of the clients that we work with aren’t sold by the recruiter. And the nitty gritty details of any job requirement can be deal breakers.

As a recruiter, we rely heavily on our sales and account managers to provide us the details needed to find the perfect fit for our open positions.

At Grafton, our workflow is nothing short of symbiotic.

Teamwork makes the dream work.Not only do the recruiters count on the account managers to get every little detail right, but they also have to be able to count on the recruiters to find the talent for their client’s needs. To us, teamwork means a lot more than a typical business. It’s vital that we have open communication and work together to find solutions to the things that Google can’t seem to give us the answers to.

It isn’t just necessary for our clients happiness, but also for our own internal staff as well. It provides each of us the opportunity to learn something new, to boost a fellow teammates confidence, and improve the morale of our company as a whole. As cliche as it sounds, teamwork really does make the dream work over the long hall.