Veteran Friends Playing Hockey and Making Job Connections

By Scotti Mizner – Senior Recruiter at Grafton Staffing

Grafton Staffing: Scotti MiznerMaking connections can lead to, and mean more than just knowing someone who you occasionally hang out with and grab a bite to eat. These connections can help you in trying times, as well as have other key benefits to your life. Aside from building great friendships, they can lead to finding a new job.


I noticed a friend of mine on social media had posted a picture of himself playing ice hockey. A sport I’ve been interested in, but never had the opportunity to play. So, when I spoke to him, he let me know he had joined a local Military Veteran’s Ice Hockey team, The Kansas City Warriors. This team is just a bunch of vets looking for connections with people who are in the same mindset as themselves.

I met Matt through my involvement with the KC Warriors. Matt was the coach of the team and a phenomenal guy. This guy brought together all these vets to have a support group, and every one enjoys hanging out together, on and off the ice. What Matt means to these teammates; I don’t know if he will ever know.

Job Placement

Scotti - Veteran Hockey Job PlacementWhen I heard Matt was retiring from the Armed Services after a lengthy career, I had to reach out to let him know what my job was, and that I could possibly help him. Matt had been interviewing but wasn’t getting the opportunities or respect he deserved, because he doesn’t have a degree. Matt had real world experience, something that a college couldn’t give him. After speaking in length with Matt about his accomplishments, and service to our country, I realized I had a perfect position for him. We submitted his resume to a company that likes to employ veterans. They wanted to interview him immediately. Matt would go on to knock this interview out of the park. With his skill set, and personality, he blended in perfectly and was offered the position.

I’ve always been taught, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” As I have gotten older, I learned this applies more than I would of thought. There are so many things I would never have known about, without a lot of time and energy searching for it. Somethings, like with hockey, I didn’t even know I wanted to play until I saw a social media post from a friend.

So, next time you meet someone, first impressions matter, and what you do for someone won’t go unnoticed.

Scotti - Veteran Hockey Job Placement