Leadership Team

Our leadership team expertise runs deep, with experienced, business-savvy professionals who are immersed in the local business community.

Carol J. Carroll, CEO

As the founder, Carol has more than three decades of experience in recruiting and staffing. She is active with the Entrepreneur Exchange and is an alumnus of the Women Who Mean Business and The Women’s Capital Connection.

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Jeff Hagen, President

Jeff has more than 25 years of experience in business development, operations, sales and finance. He’s known for his success in developing innovative strategies to grow businesses by maximizing value and minimizing costs. He’s especially dedicated to community partnerships.

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Jeff Hagen

Richard Carroll, SVP, Engineering Services

With nearly two decades of experience as a construction manager and developer, Richard is well positioned to find the engineers, project managers, schedulers and engineering support staff you need today. Visit our Engineering + Construction page.

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Mr. Carroll

Richard Lewis, VP, Staffing Services

Richard leads staffing services for Grafton with a focus on consulting with you and helping you plan for your current and future recruiting needs. In addition to two decades of experience in this field, Richard has run a scientific lab himself, so helping our science and technology clients is second nature.

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Taphi Neer, Lead Recruiter, Engineering

More than three decades of experience in staffing contribute to Taphi’s success in customer service excellence for many levels of employees and multiple industries, including engineering and construction.

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Teri Amyx, Senior Recruiter

Teri has a reputation as a top recruiter at Grafton. She has more than two decades of experience in recruiting for the scientific and professional services fields. She has great experience in management from Fortune 500 companies, where she was a President Club Award winner.

913. 913.498.0701
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