A Few Thoughts on Work-Life Balance

Mike Bollinger

Mike Bollinger

Post written by Mike Bollinger, Operations and Business Development

Take a moment and think about the following scenario…

You’re on a road trip halfway across the country. What would make more sense?

  1. Drive your car as fast as it goes until you run out of gas and then hoof it to the nearest gas station.
  2. Drive at a consistent speed and stop along the way to refuel, and then pick up right where you left off.

I think we can all agree that option #2 is far more efficient. The same can be said about life, and specifically, work-life balance. There are a lot of people who believe that 100-hour work weeks are what will get them ahead in life.

I’m not saying that putting in the time and grinding it out isn’t often necessary. In fact, I’m one of those people myself.

In addition, I’m not taking anything away from those who work a lot. I just want to highlight the importance of also making time for yourself…away from work. No matter the title on your business card, this rule still benefits everyone.

The majority of adults have been at a point in their professional lives when the amount of time put in at work has actually had a negative impact. We’ve all sent an email that in one way or another ended with a big, fat embarrassing apology or explanation. Minor mistakes like this can be completely avoidable if we just pump the brakes and take a little time to recharge the batteries.

work life balanceHere are just a few of the major benefits of finding a balance between work and life:

  • A healthier mental state
  • Less mistakes
  • Higher level of motivation
  • The ability to actually enjoy the fruits of our labor

This list can go on and on and will differ among individuals. When you’re done reading this post, make your own list of benefits and post them somewhere in or around your office or home.

From my own personal experiences as a manager, I know that there often isn’t enough time in one day to do everything.

I’ve never looked at people who work for me as my employees, but rather as valued teammates.

I will be the first to admit that I push my team to the limits, but I NEVER fail to not only recognize all of their efforts and sacrifice, but to also reward them.

As an example, I’ve sent people home early for going above and beyond. The result? Much higher results and productivity. I’ve found that between all the incentives I’ve thrown out (bonuses, team outings, meals, time off, etc.), time off has proven to be most effective.

So the next time you or your team are struggling, consider taking a little time away from the daily grind.

Sometimes a little break to refuel is all it takes to get that well-oiled machine back on track!