Employee Spotlight: Greg Dabbs, Business Development Manager

By Greg Dabbs – Business Development Manager at Grafton Staffing

Greg DabbsHow did you get into the industry?

I originally got into the staffing industry about 11 years ago. I left the industry for about 6 years, but came back and have been with Grafton for almost 3 years now.

Why did I come back? Well, Grafton is the answer to that question and there are three reasons why. The people, the opportunity and the type of work.

After my initial interviews with Richard and Jeff, I realized this was a good opportunity for me and a good fit. I learned that Grafton is a family owned business and the amount of care they put into not only their clients and candidates but also their employees was not what I had experienced up to that point in my career. It seemed to be a place I could call my home away from home… A successful company with fantastic people means so much, and I am enjoying every moment.

What is on your bucket list?

Exploring Montana and Wyoming is definitely on my bucket list. Hiking, fishing and camping is going to be a two week adventure for me one of these days in that part of the country.

Yellowstone is one of the spots in that area I’ve always wanted to visit. I’ve seen documentaries that have talked about the Yellowstone Caldera which is one of the world’s largest super volcanoes. I thought it would be neat to stand in the middle of what someday might be one of the largest volcanic eruptions in the planet’s history.

There have been three super eruptions in the last 2.1 million years at Yellowstone. They’ve happened every 600,000 to 800,000 years during that time frame. We are now at the 640,000 year mark since the last one. Yellowstone is brewing right now for the next big event. However; that’s not my main reason for visiting Yellowstone… but it is something I don’t think many people know or think about when they visit the park.

The main reason for my visit is to see one of the most scenic, beautiful parks in the world and enjoy nature. Hopefully I will be checking that off my list soon.

What is something about you that would surprise people?

Most people probably don’t realize that I used to be heavily involved in music. I have a music performance degree from college and used to play the trumpet. It would surprise most people I know because it was so long ago and only a handful of friends and family know about that earlier part of my life. I was a talented trumpet player and have had the opportunity to play with many good musicians.