Employee Spotlight: Scotti Mizner

By Scotti Mizner – Senior Recruiter at Grafton Staffing

Grafton Staffing: Scotti MiznerMy name is Scotti Mizner, and I’m a Senior Recruiter at Grafton Staffing. I started working here in August of 2018. Last year, I’d been laid off of my first recruiting position in January. After working 3 different jobs in those eight months, I was still looking to find a job I enjoyed. That’s when Matt called me asking if I was still looking for a position.

Matt Delair had been my boss at my first staffing company. He’d left that company and was now at Grafton. I met with him and the President of Grafton, Jeff Hagen. We talked about what I was currently doing and what I wanted to be doing. After talking about how I would like to be in the staffing world again, I was offered the position!

How did you get into the industry?

I’d been let go from a banking position. I called my wife to let her know, and her co-worker had known someone looking to hire a recruiter for a temp agency. I spoke to that individual the next day, and then met him in person. And I started working for my first staffing agency position the next week. I’m a completionist and I do better with deadlines. Believe it or not, I like to be put under pressure because that’s when I excel. The world of staffing is perfect for me.

What’s on your bucket list?

I’m a big baseball fan (Go Cards!) Eventually, I would like to be able to visit every ball park. I haven’t made a big effort towards completing that goal, but I’ve been to Kauffman (Kansas City Royals) and Bush Stadium II (St. Louis Cardinals) multiple times. I’d love to start adding to that list and see some of the “classic” stadiums that have so much baseball history in them.

Favorite Quote

“Show me a gracious loser and I will show you a failure.” Knute Rockne

“Yesterday’s home runs, don’t win today’s games” Babe Ruth

This one is a big one. Every day is starting back over from zero. Just because you had a great day yesterday doesn’t mean you can ride the coat tails into the rest of the week. Keep going forward every day and trying to “win” the day.

Favorite Vacation

Every summer my wife and our friend group take a vacation somewhere. It has turned into something we all look forward to, be able to relax a couple nights and enjoy each other’s company. Last year, we decided to stay somewhat local and go to The Lake of the Ozarks. It was nice to just be able to drive a couple hours and be somewhere for the weekend, complete relaxation. We spent most of our day on the lake just relaxing and not doing much at all. We came back with lots of stories, and I hope we are able to go back again soon.