Want to know more about Grafton? We’ve been making lots of changes.

By Jeff Hagen – President of Grafton Staffing

Jeff HagenFirst off, thanks to all our partners and employees in 2018. I enjoy this time of year. It’s great time to reflect and appreciate all the people who’ve influenced you. Change is a part of every organization, and Grafton saw plenty of change last year. I believe we made a few changes in 2018 that will help us achieve greater success in 2019.

New Website

We launched a new website in early 2018. It was great to update our corporate look. However, we’ve seen some real benefits on how people interact with us. Our new site is much more user friendly for people using mobile devices. We’ve seen much more traffic and applicants applying from those devices which benefits both our clients and candidates.

The site is also getting new content  every week through the stories on our blog. We now have three times the amount of people coming to our website each week. Candidates can read about success stories, or how we helped provide training to improve the skill sets of hundreds of employees. We’re a team that cares about their success. Clients have learned about how we partner and how we’ve offered some unique solutions to everyday issues.


I think at one point we thought culture change was a project. That it was going to be done at some point, and we could move onto another project. I was wrong. A culture of accountability is something that needs constant, every day attention. We’re getting better. We have a team that wants to be accountable and successful. Each week I have staff asking for reports, so they can compare numbers to last week/month. They’re driven to be better each week.

As we continue to offer additional training to our staff, it will be exciting to see how far each of them can grow. I’m looking forward to helping them get there.

Expanding our Footprint

Lots of changesGrafton has always been bigger than most people realize. Based on revenue, Grafton is in the top 15% of the largest staffing firms in the United States. Based on W2’s, Grafton is one of Kansas City’s largest employers. (For the most part, I’m okay flying under the radar.)

Kansas City will always be home, but now is the time for us to engage with clients across the United States. We have expertise in animal health, pharmaceuticals and engineering that could assist other partners outside of the Kansas City region. The technology and staff are in place to push forward and have a record 2019.

Thank you to everyone that was part of our success in 2018. We’re looking forward to working together in 2019!