Checklist: Job Performance Essentials

checklistYou’ve got the job, and now you want to do the best work possible. Use this checklist as a guide.

 Read the Grafton employee handbook for personal items and related policies before your assignment begins.
 Arrive at your assignments early.
 Be at work every day you’re scheduled.
 Dress appropriately.
 Introduce yourself to your supervisor.
 Learn and follow operating procedures and etiquette of your assignment, including mobile phone policies, lunch breaks and smoking areas and breaks.
 Know the work priorities and deadlines.
 Take special care of the equipment you use.
 Due to the confidential nature of our business and our clients’ information, taking information – physical or soft copy – from the worksite is grounds for dismissal. The copying or transferring of software or proprietary information is illegal, and Grafton will prosecute any associate involved in that activity.
 Ask for help when you need it.
 Complete each assignment that you accept.
 Your supervisor may ask that you do other tasks to ensure that the team and department run as smoothly as possible. Be flexible when approached with these types of requests.

If you have a performance concern or question, you can always call your Grafton recruiter.