Employee Spotlight: Taphi Neer, Senior Engineering Recruiter

Grafton Staffing: Taphi NeerOne of our goals with blogging is to share more about our team. This blog post is about Taphi Neer who has been with us for almost a decade. We like to do a Q&A format, so we hope you will learn more about Taphi with her answers below.

How long have you worked for Grafton?

8 years.

How did you get into the industry?

I went to a staffing agency many years ago to get a job and was told that I would be a good fit for the staffing industry. I started as a direct hire placement specialist, then did some temporary staffing. I eventually moved into sales and management roles.

What is your favorite quote?

I actually have two:

“If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you’ve always got” – unknown

“If it doesn’t make sense, it didn’t happen” – Judge Judy

What’s your favorite movie?

I’m a James Bond fan, so Casino Royale with Daniel Craig.

What’s on your bucket list?

I want to go to Egypt and see the pyramids!

What advice would you give to a job applicant?

Always be on time or a little early to an interview. You start out at a disadvantage from the first minute if you are late. Also, be honest about what you are really looking for in your next position. Don’t let someone talk you into something, or just take what is open at the time, as it rarely works out for anyone in the long run. Always give notice if you do end up leaving a position, and never burn a bridge!

What’s something about you that would surprise people?

I grew up on a 2,000 acre wheat ranch in central Oregon. We were located 6 miles out of a town with a population of about 30 people. And I was related to most of them. I rode horses daily and was a truck driver and cook for the crew in the summers during harvest. It was an amazing experience and I still miss those days.

What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

I was on a hot air balloon crew. We would start on the weekends at 4 or 5 am as the balloons and guests lifted off at sunrise. I usually worked helping inflate the envelope of the balloon, but one time I was tasked with entertaining a group of German tourists, none of whom spoke English. I don’t speak German so it was pretty hilarious.

We hope you’ve learned a little bit about Taphi. We’re glad to have her on the Grafton team!