Employee Spotlight – Teri Amyx

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Periodically, we’re going to use our blog to highlight some of the awesome employees who work for Grafton. It’s our way of giving you a “behind the scenes” look at the people who make us what we are.

How long have you worked for Grafton?

14 years. I started in the Executive Recruiting Division and spent 5 years there…and then I moved to the Scientific Division.

How did you get into the field?

While living in Alabama, I went on an interview for a Finance Manager role and ended up working for the recruiting company that was sourcing for the position. I love what I do, and take a lot of pride in bringing the right candidates to my clients.

Favorite Quote

“If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got.” (But if you ask my co-workers they would say they constantly hear me say “Recent and relevant.”)

Teri Amyx

Teri Amyx

What values are important to you?

Honesty, integrity and loyalty.

What is your favorite food?

I truly think I could live off chips and salsa, so I guess Mexican food would be my favorite.

What is your favorite movie?

I have so many favorites but the one that comes to mind is ” Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”. Growing up I would watch this movie with my Mom and we would sing along to every song. My Mom made sure my sister and I watched all the old classical musicals. To this day we can still “belt” out a few show tunes.

Favorite Hobby:

Refinishing furniture, and making home decor or crafts. I love making vs. buying so that each piece has a story.

What is on your bucket list?
I’ve always wanted to pack a bag and take a one-week adventure with no plan or destination in mind. Go down those roads you’ve passed so many times and see where they take you. Find a few Mom and Pop Diners, no GPS, just pull out the atlas and go. Imagine the stories and people you would meet.

What advice do you give to a new grad?

You won’t know what you really want to do until you actually do it. It may not be the first job or second job, but you will find it. Be patient. Use the first few years out of college to learn what it’s like in a structured work environment and be open to new challenges no matter how scary they may seem.

Oh, and put the cell phone away and start using an alarm clock. HA HA!

Something about me that would surprise people?

I’m a bit of a hermit. On the weekends you might find me reading, gardening, lounging poolside, or rocking my new grandson Easton. I rarely make plans. I just see where the day takes me. And I’m a huge “car singer.” If you pull up next to me I could be rocking to old school Earth, Wind and Fire, Styx, Maroon 5 or anything that’s on the radio. Yes, I’m that person you’ve laughed at.