Why Grafton Ed is My Favorite Client Solution

Jeff Hagen

Jeff Hagen

Post written by Jeff HagenStaffing Exec ◉ Educator ◉ Award Winning BBQ’r ◉ DIY Hack ◉ Rotarian

We’ve tried some unique and interesting client solutions over the years, but my favorite is the Grafton Ed program.

It’s been the most rewarding program for me because of the impact it has had on the people who made it successful. Our clients realized that skilled talent is always hard to find. (in fact, it’s getting harder by the day). It seems you can’t get through the daily news without seeing something about the low unemployment rate.

The Grafton Ed Program Explained

Fortunately, these visionary clients saw a way to give opportunities to great people who had no experience. By doing so, they essentially increased the number of qualified candidates.

And by creating a larger candidate pool they could then be more selective on the people they chose to hire.

These clients agreed to let us put together a short, yet meaningful, training program to give candidates the opportunity to learn new skill sets. In doing so, these clients are able to select the best people from all markets!

GraftonEdCandidates receive technical training so that they understand their job tasks better.

They understand the “Why”. They get to learn about why their role in the company is important. More importantly, they learn how what they do fits into the overall company goals.

The training gives employees more meaning and fosters an environment where they take more pride in their work.

In addition, we’ve found lower error rates in the products they make. Overall quality goes up, and the company sees less wasted product, lower turnover and increased efficiencies.

Employees who complete the training receive a certificate from Johnson County Community College, which has value in the job market if/when they need to change jobs down the road.

That said, we’ve found that a large majority of these employees continue to stay longer than before the training was offered.

Even better, we’ve seen a number of students continue to pursue additional schooling, thereby increasing their chances of getting promoted while at the same time creating a pipeline of future leaders for the companies.

Grafton Ed. It’s a win-win-win…for us, for employees and for our clients!