Why Use a Staffing Firm?

Why use a staffing firmStaffing firms can help you in two primary ways: creating workforce flexibility and helping you access qualified talent.

Workforce Flexibility and Fluidity

You’ve just landed a large project, and now you need to staff it. You are short on time. And you may not know how long you’ll need the new workers.

When you partner with Grafton, we’ll work with you to fill today’s open position while preparing for future growth, staffing turnover and project ebbs and flows.

First-Class Talent

Three out of four staffing service firm customers rank the quality of the employees they get from staffing firms as good as or better than their own employees. Grafton has a history of using the highest quality employees and ensuring they meet or exceed our clients’ needs.

Less Paperwork

We take care of background checks, employment screenings and paychecks. No more lost time, energy and money on employees who don’t work out.

If you’re looking for staffing flexibility or need access to a bigger, better talent pool, give us a call.